ZAR applies to Southern African Residents Only.

Although you can check for availability International Guests need to fill in the Enquiry Form and Rio Azul Lodge will reply as soon as possible.


Excellent cuisine at Rio Azul Lodge, Mozambique

Rio Azul Lodge offers an exquisite dining experience to guests. These casual 3 course meals are a relaxed affair served in our dining area where you are always assured of unsurpassed personal attention.

Casual fine dining experience Exotic food menu: crab, lobster, prawn, calamari

Our Menu

The menu includes freshly caught fish tantalizingly prepared together with exotic Portuguese spices and traditional cuisine. The more exotic food menu that is served on a regular basis includes some of the best sea food: crab, lobster, prawn, calamari and Mozambique Prawns to name a few. We cater for vegetarians and other dietary requirements.

Romantic Fine Dining Experience Fine dining at Rio Azul Lodge, Mozambique

Private and Romantic Dining

A “dining under the stars” experience can be arranged for private parties or romantic dinners, as well as picnics on the beach.