ZAR applies to Southern African Residents Only.

Although you can check for availability International Guests need to fill in the Enquiry Form and Rio Azul Lodge will reply as soon as possible.


Take a Break at Rio Azul

Clients can view a large range of local culture, including quaint, stilted fishing villages dotted around the estuary.

A wide range of curios and lcoal art is available to purchase.

Take a break at Rio Azul Lodge - A Paradise Beach Resort that will provide you with a vacation getaway where you can just take a break from the hectic pace of modern life.

Rio Azul offers you a relaxing break where you can choose to enjoy an abundance of beach activities OR a vacation getaway where you can just lie under the umbrella with a cocktail and a book all day long.

Paradise Beach Resort

Without a doubt Rio Azul beach paradise is the best “losing track of time” destination in Southern Africa. The translucent waters of both the Estuary and the Indian Ocean act as a soothing balm which slowly and effectively eliminate stress and anxiety so often found in today’s society.

Romantic Getaway

Rio Azul Lodge can arrange a romantic picnic for you and your partner on Bartholomew Dias Island. Here you can indulge in some exotic bird watching or a leisurely beach walk.

Nature Walk and Boat Rides

The area around Rio Azul Lodge offers an abundance of natural scenery. The estuary offers relaxing nature walk and boat ride oppertunity. With a number of birders among the Rio Azul Lodge Staff, your bird walk will be filled with spectacular bird watching opportunity.

Local Culture

For those who just want to enjoy the local culture, beach walks will provide you with scenes of local fisherman applying their trade