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Your Guide To Water Activities In Mozambique

With Mozambique fast becoming one of the most popular holiday destinations in Southern Africa, we thought we would whet the appetite of all the water babies looking for a holiday they will never forget.

Luxurious holidays in Mozambique

Interested in booking a holiday in Mozambique? Do it!

Why Choose Mozambique for adventurous Holidays

When you decide to go on a safari holiday then it may be difficult to make the decision on which country to visit.

The Summer Holiday preparation guide

Before you go on holiday you need to be prepared and pack all the things that you will need.

Seafood in Mozambique

Mozambique is famous in Africa for its cuisine and seafood recipes.

Beaches & Islands

With a coastline of 2700 kilometers, Mozambique is the ideal destination for all those who are looking for a beach or sea tranquil vacation.

Beach Lodges

Every once in a while you need to go on a tranquil and luxurious experience to the beach or on any holiday destination whether it be abroad or locally.

Accommodation in Mozambique

Accommodation in Mozambique is split between ultra-luxury establishments and rustic and eco-conscious lodges and hotels.