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Before you leave for your magical Trip to Mozambique, there are a few things that need to be considered, as with any other trip that one takes. It can be easy to forget things in that pre-holiday rush and excitement. Being forgetful isn’t fun and it can often be frustrating, and costly in some situations. We’ve all been there, just past customs at the airport, or three hours into our drive and we have that, “oh no” moment. We’ve all heard those stories from friends and family that have forgotten things, like their glasses at home, or their hairbrush. Sure you can buy a new one, but then you’ll have two when you get back home.

Things to Take to Mozambique
This one is an important one, especially if you are coming from out of the country; do not forget your up-to-date passport with necessary visas! You do not want to reach the boarder or the airport and not have it. It is important to note that Mozambique gets hot, so sunglasses, sunscreen, and hats are definitely in order. Of course your swimming costumes are the first to get packed. Do not forget the necessary maps that you would need to get around, so update your GPS or get that map book out the cupboard. Most importantly, prepare some great music for your travels.
Things to Bring To Rio Azul
Rio Azul Mozambique has a lot to offer their visitors, and this means that there are certain things that people should be bringing with them to make the most out of their stay. Again, of course you swim suits will be packed very quickly. But there are other things that should be packed too. This includes any binoculars that will be used while bird watching and nature’s sightseeing. One should definitely take their favourite fishing rod and equipment with them, because there is some amazing deep sea fishing to be done! And if you have your heart set on some snorkelling, do not forget your flippers, your goggles and of course, your snorkel.
Enjoying Your Trip
Rio Azul has so much to offer the whole family. Do not hesitate to view their gallery, their fishing specials, and read the testimonials from other guests. Enjoy your time away with the various activities and relaxing that is available. But don’t forget the essentials.

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It’s time again to start planning your next family holiday, and you really want to go somewhere beautiful and somewhere that everyone will enjoy. You want to go to the coast, somewhere because everyone likes it and everyone will find something that they will enjoy. Well why not a relaxing trip to Mozambique? There is so much to do, there is a new culture to soak in and a place for new memories to be made. It might be a little further than you would like, but that’s part of the adventure!

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Honeymoon in Mozambique
Getting married is exciting, and you are embarking on a new chapter in your life that is full of happiness and joy. Deciding where to spend your honeymoon is very important. This gives you an opportunity to spend private time with your spouse and enjoy some time alone before married life kicks in. Deciding on where to go can be a challenge, and having a proper budget for it is extremely important.

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Bird watching
We see birds flying almost every day but have you ever wondered how they live and how they survive? You probably hear birds every day and the beautiful sound that they make in the morning. Bird watching is quite popular in many parts of the world and for some people, it is a hobby. Bird watching is also interesting and educational because you get to learn about different habitats and ecosystems. Bird watching in countries such as Mozambique present unique opportunities due to the various habitats available such as coastlines, islands and mangroves.

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Fishing can make you a better person

Not a lot of people know that fishing can be an adventure sport. Anyone can go fishing, no matter how old or young you are. Fishing can also be a fun way to bond with your family and friends. There are a lot of people who participate in fishing and some people have even turned it into a career. To some people, fishing is a tradition and they spend their Saturday or Sunday mornings and afternoons fishing. Fishing is very relaxing and a great way to unwind (imaging fishing at sunset in Mozambique?) and forget about your worries for a while

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Summer is a great season to go on vacation. The warmer weather means one thing; that it is time to enjoy the outdoors and go to the beach. Picnics are fun and you can get creative. For people who do not live in a country or province that has a beach, they normally go to parks to enjoy their picnics. But nothing beats a picnic on a Mozambique beach.

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Rio Azul is a family holiday beach resort by the Govuro River in Mozambique, Africa. Rio Azul is a beautiful holiday getaway spot that allows for various tropical activities that anyone in the family is able to enjoy. Rio Azul offers a large number of activities that has something for everyone, be it just relaxing on the beach, snorkelling in the ocean, world class bird watching, world class fishing, and a taste of local culture. This family friendly beach resort will have the family smiling.

With Mozambique fast becoming one of the most popular holiday destinations in Southern Africa, we thought we would whet the appetite of all the water babies looking for a holiday they will never forget.

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When you decide to go on a safari holiday then it may be difficult to make the decision on which country to visit.