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What to do at Rio Azul
Rio Azul is a family holiday beach resort by the Govuro River in Mozambique, Africa. Rio Azul is a beautiful holiday getaway spot that allows for various tropical activities that anyone in the family is able to enjoy. Rio Azul offers a large number of activities that has something for everyone, be it just relaxing on the beach, snorkelling in the ocean, world class bird watching, world class fishing, and a taste of local culture. This family friendly beach resort will have the family smiling.
A Spot for the Honeymoon
With the benefit of being a dream like holiday beach resort, one can definitely expect to find a few newlyweds making some happy memories together and starting their new live together. Rio Azul is happy to accommodate those wedded bliss couples celebrate their recent nuptials by offering them a paradise start to their marriage. With so much to do and such a beautiful environment, one can expect to enjoy romantic picnics on Bartholomew Dias Island or scenic walks on the beach.

World Class Bird Watching
Rio Azul is located where a large number of beautiful and exotic birds call home. This beach resort offers a great opportunity for birders to enjoy their holiday taking in the lovely sights of the large variety of bird species that inhabit the area. Rio Azul offers a great amount of opportunities to view different birds in different places, such as on the coastal line, or Mangrove, or the Mozambique Bird Atlas Project. No one can resist going to look at the different birds in their natural habitat while they stay at this beach resort.

A Family Getaway If you are just looking to get away and treat your family to a holiday in paradise, look no further than Rio Azul. This beach resort has more to offer than just a honeymoon spot or a sanctuary to leisurely admire birds, but it is the perfect environment to enjoy some quality family time while having the opportunity to relax and do fun activities together. There are many activities to choose from to do with your family, trying local cuisine, fishing, snorkelling in beautiful waters, swimming, boating and so much more.

To Book a Trip If the idea of a beach resort getaway attracts your attention, you should definitely visit Rio Azul to find out more about the attractions that the resort has to offer as well as the different kinds of accommodation.

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