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Picnic at the beach
Summer is a great season to go on vacation. The warmer weather means one thing; that it is time to enjoy the outdoors and go to the beach. Picnics are fun and you can get creative. For people who do not live in a country or province that has a beach, they normally go to parks to enjoy their picnics. But nothing beats a picnic on a Mozambique beach.

Beach picnics are amazing and magical because you get to enjoy the beautiful ocean view and the cool breeze. It is important that you pack well and check the weather report because it can get a bit windy and the sand can be blown into your food. Meals at the beach are easier to accomplish and they are so worth it. Fruits and finger food are more appropriate because they are easy to pack and they are not hard to make.

Most people go to the beach to relax and go for a swim in the ocean and to enjoy the beautiful views and the company of their friends, family or partner. Mozambique beach resorts are perfect for this. It also important to pack sunscreen, beach umbrellas for shade and towels to sit on or even camping chairs. Remember to pack lots of liquids because the heat can be unbearable and you can get dehydrated.

When going on a beach picnic with children, you need to watch over them and make sure that they do not swim alone because sea waves are strong and they can easily get sucked in and drown. On duty Lifeguards are always a plus, and there are many great Mozambique beach resorts that offer this service. You also need to follow and respect the beach instructions because they are there for a reason and to protect you from any danger that might occur.

Rio Azul is a beautiful beach resort in Mozambique that offers great activities for the whole family from fishing and snorkelling to lazy days on the beach.

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