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Rio Azul offers serenity in a tropical wilderness both for couples and families alike. Families can enjoy their own tastefully styled beach villa with a private pool on the deck overlooking the tidal lagoon. The warm and clear waters of the lagoon invite you and your kids to snorkel, go for long walks around the peninsula or simply take your own private boat out to one of the sand banks.

You are encouraged to indulge in a wide range of water and beach activities such as guided lagoon and mangrove forest cruises which offer exceptional birding, as well as boat trips to the Bazaruto Archipelago where you are likely to encounter turtles, dolphins and perhaps even whale sharks. Indulge in a beach picnic where freshly caught fish is cooked on an open fire, or go snorkelling in the mangroves spotting colourful fish hiding in the underwater labyrinth that is a vital natural resource. For each couple and family a small private boat is available to explore the blue waters of the lagoon, take a trip to one of the large sand banks at low tide or adventure into the waterways of the estuary. Of course there is always the option to simply relax by the pool or on the deck of your wood and thatch beach chalet. Whatever you choose, be sure to be the creator of your own holiday without compromises.

Dining at Rio Azul is a delightful affair with the freshest ingredients locally sourced and produced, or grown in our own vegetable and herb garden, as well as straight from the sea. Expect Mozambican specialties such as peri-peri chicken and freshly caught prawns. Dinners in particular are always a delightful experience and can vary between relaxed and informal evenings, romantic and candle lit affairs, as well as lively beach BBQs.

Clients can view a large range of local culture, including quaint, stilted fishing villages dotted around the estuary.

A wide range of curios and local art is available to purchase.

Take a break at Rio Azul Lodge - A Paradise Beach Resort that will provide you with a vacation getaway where you can just take a break from the hectic pace of modern life.

Rio Azul offers you a relaxing break where you can choose to enjoy an abundance of beach activities OR a vacation getaway where you can just lie under the umbrella with a cocktail and a book all day long.

Remote Beach Resort

Without a doubt Rio Azul beach paradise is the best “losing track of time” destination in Southern Africa. The translucent waters of both the Estuary and the Indian Ocean act as a soothing balm which slowly and effectively eliminate stress and anxiety so often found in today’s society.

Dinner | Rio Azul Lodge
Candle Light Dinner | Rio Azul Lodge

Romantic Getaway

Rio Azul Lodge can arrange a romantic picnic for you and your partner on Bartholomew Dias Island. Here you can indulge in some exotic bird watching or a leisurely beach walk. A “dining under the stars” experience can be arranged for private parties or romantic dinners, as well as picnics on the beach.

Nature Walk and Boat Rides

The area around Rio Azul Lodge offers an abundance of natural scenery. The estuary offers relaxing nature walk and boat ride oppertunity. With a number of birders among the Rio Azul Lodge Staff, your bird walk will be filled with spectacular bird watching opportunity.

The Mangrove Estuary at Rio Azul

In front of Rio Azul lies this fantastic stretch of crystal clear water which can be explored by foot or by boat. The mangrove ecosystem is made up of a fascinating chain of pioneering and sacrificial plants together with a huge array of crustaceans. Bird life is abundant, colourful and spectacular. A relaxing jaunt up the many tributaries offered around the mangrove make for an exhilarating activity. A gentle sunset cruise is bound to rid one of the final vestiges of 21st Century living.

Water Activities | Rio Azul Lodge
Birds Eye View of Lodge| Rio Azul Lodge

Local Culture

For those who just want to enjoy the local culture, beach walks will provide you with scenes of local fisherman applying their trade

Excellent cuisine at Rio Azul Lodge, Mozambique

Rio Azul Lodge offers an exquisite dining experience to guests. These casual 3 course meals are a relaxed affair served in our dining area where you are always assured of unsurpassed personal attention.

Our Menu

The menu includes freshly caught fish tantalizingly prepared together with exotic Portuguese spices and traditional cuisine. The more exotic food menu that is served on a regular basis includes some of the best sea food: crab, lobster, prawn, calamari and Mozambique Prawns to name a few. We cater for vegetarians and other dietary requirements.

Rio Azul Lodge Mozambique

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