Snorkeling in Mozambique

Snorkeling is one of Mozambique’s visitors and holiday makers’ favourite activities. At Rio Azul it’s no different. The untouched environment close to Rio Azul is one of the best places to snorkel in Mozambique, if not the world. The Mozambique snorkeling close to Rio Azul offers visitors fabulous underwater scenery with a wide variety of coral and sea life.

The clear warm waters of the Indian Ocean in this part of Mozambique seldom drop below 25°C, creating ideal conditions for Mozambique snorkeling all year round.

Paradise Island

The best snorkeling at Rio Azul takes place at Paradise Island in the Bazaruto Archipelago. Paradise Island offers some of the best snorkeling in the world, with shoals of colourful fish and beautiful corals in the shallow clear waters of the Indian Ocean around the island. It is not unusual to see turtles and the harmless black tip reef shark while diving in the shallows.

The spectacular underwater seascapes of Paradise Island leave even the most seasoned snorkeler breathless. The experience of being totally surrounded by shoals of tropical fish is something that memories are made of.

To round of your day trip to Paradise Island near Bazaruto Archipelago, Rio Azul will pack you a picnic basket to keep you replenished to enjoy the best snorkeling in Mozambique.

Beach Snorkeling

Rio Azul Lodge has limited beach snorkeling on the beach and sea behind the lodge.

Snorkeling Gear

Rio Azul has a full range of snorkeling gear for guests to use for beach snorkeling on the beach of Rio Azul Lodge or during the day trip to Paradise Island