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20 family vacation tips to ensure you have a smooth holiday

Are you planning a much-needed family vacation? If so, you might be interested in Rio Azul’s handy guide to ensuring you have a smooth holiday.

Are you planning a much-needed family vacation? If so, you might be interested in Rio Azul’s handy guide to ensuring you have a smooth holiday.

We have 20 excellent tips for you to consider for your family vacation

  1. Do your research before planning your vacation
    When planning your family vacation, thorough research is essential to ensure that you don’t get taken for a ride. Be sure to conduct online research and read reviews from other clients.
  2. Get your vacation admin in order
    Admin is something holidaymakers don’t like to think about but failure to get your admin in order can land you in hot water. Make sure that your passport is up to date, you have the required visas, and you double-check your flight details.
  3. Sort your vaccinations and COVID Pass before your vacation
    Some countries require vaccines (such as the Yellow Fever vaccine) and many now require a Covid pass, so consult the country’s government advisory.
  4. Put Extra Time in your vacation schedule
    The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we travel, and where you could have gotten away with arriving at the airport 2 hours before your flight pre-pandemic, this is no longer advisable as most airports now have long lines and additional requirements.
  5. Leave plenty of time to get to your holiday destination
    Checking how long it takes to travel somewhere on Google Maps or another online service is an excellent idea. However, if you don’t know the area or roads, you should definitely factor more time in as you’ll likely need it.
  6. Pre-book accommodation, attractions and activities for your holiday
    Planning a family holiday is difficult and it’s tempting to just book fun activities when you arrive. Unfortunately, you risk things being fully booked and being disappointed if you operate in this way.
  7. Create a packing checklist for your holiday
    When packing for a vacation, it’s impossible to remember every little thing and you’re bound to leave something behind. A packing list can help with this.
  8. Pack Smartly and think of comfort when choosing outfits for your vacation
    Going on a family vacation in Mozambique, or maybe you’re going skiing? Wherever you go, make comfort the priority and remember that less is more when choosing outfits.
  9. Start Packing Early
    Leaving your packing to the last minute is never a good idea and you risk running out of time and panicking. Rather start packing early so that if an unexpected glitch comes up, you have time to sort it out.
  10. Prep the kids before you leave on holiday
    An easy way to prevent the kids from getting grumpy or disappointed is to chat with them beforehand and tell them what to expect from the vacation. This includes any long flights or waits at the airport. Kids are surprisingly understanding!
  11. Keep essentials within reach when travelling
    When travelling, it’s best to have a lightweight backpack or bag for the plane into which you can pack any essentials you might need. These could include:
    • Tissues
    • Hand sanitiser
    • Pen
    • Medication
    • Wipes
  12. Travel with an allergy card
    Are you allergic to anything? If so, travelling increases the risk that you might be exposed to an allergen as you are not familiar with the area or country. It’s a good idea to carry an allergy card with you so that medics can quickly pinpoint the problem if you have a flare-up.
  13. Pack some snacks and keep water on hand when travelling
    While most travel itineraries go according to plan, there are sometimes delays and long waits for the next leg of your journey to begin. To keep you and your family hydrated and your blood sugar levels steady, carry a bottle of water and some snacks.
  14. Bring entertainment for your travels
    Will you have a long layover between flights? Or is your flight many hours long? If so, consider bringing your own entertainment because you can’t always rely on the airline to provide decent entertainment. Bringing entertainment is also great for the kids if they get bored while on holiday.
  15. Bear nap time in mind if you’re travelling with younger children
    Young kids need regular naps or they risk becoming grumpy or throwing a tantrum. If your transit time is long, try and figure out how and where your child can have a short nap.
  16. Build routine into your vacation - Make sure your kids get their food and sleep when they need them
    A family holiday or vacation can be incredibly exciting for kids but they still need a solid routine to help them feel grounded and secure. With this in mind, make sure your little ones get enough sleep and eat at similar times each day.
  17. Pack some basic meds (but make sure what is allowed to take over the border)
    When packing, remember to pack your chronic medication and some over-the-counter pain meds. It’s worth checking if your destination country allows such medicines into the country, though, and you may need a letter from your doctor.
  18. Always have a travel backup plan
    Having a backup plan is essential. For instance, do you know what you will do if your hotel transfer doesn’t show up at the airport? What will you do if you miss your next flight? Thinking about these things in advance can help make it less stressful.
  19. Schedule a full day at home before returning to work and school after your holiday
    Vacations are normally filled with excitement and adventure, which can take its toll on your body. You will likely need at least a full day at home before returning to work or school.
  20. Find out if you can drink the local water on holiday
    Don’t feel like getting a tummy bug while on holiday? Make sure it’s safe to drink the local water!

If you need a more detailed vacation guide, have a look at our “Your Mozambique Vacation Guide For 2022 | All Questions Answered” article.

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