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Deep Sea Fishing tips from Rio Azul

In this article, we take you through everything you need to know about the deep sea fishing options in Mozambique at the Rio Azul Lodge.

Planning a holiday to Mozambique soon? If you’re also a deep sea fishing fan, you’re in for a treat if you’re staying at Rio Azul!

In this article, we take you through everything you need to know about the deep sea fishing options in Mozambique.


Tips to plan and enjoy your Deep Sea Fishing experience

Deep Sea Fishing is a magical experience. For those that have never experienced it before, we have put together some tips on how to plan and enjoy your deep sea fishing experience.

  1. Research charter options in advance

When planning your deep sea fishing trip, it’s important to research the charter options out there thoroughly. Not all of them are created equal and, unfortunately, cheap doesn’t always mean better when it comes to deep sea fishing.

If you need some recommendations for your deep sea fishing excursion, Rio Azul would be delighted to assist. Our fishing boats are captained by not only fully skippered fishing guides, they also know our waters intimately. We also boast some beautiful reefs just off our shore. However, if you’d prefer to book another service provider, be sure to read the online reviews and check the operator’s credentials.

  1. Consider the pros and cons of each season

Although the weather is always great in Mozambique, it does vary slightly from season to season. For instance, you might find that deep sea fishing may not be very comfortable during the rainy season.

  1. Check the weather before you book

Before booking, make sure that you check what the weather is typically like at that time of year. Some charter companies do not offer refunds, and if you only find out that your booking is during the stormy season, you’re in for a rough day of deep sea fishing.

  1. Get Your Permits In Order

Like all countries, Mozambique has regulations as to which kinds of fish are allowed to be caught, and which ones must be released. You are also required to have a permit for certain types of fish, and it’s essential to check this before your day out fishing. At Rio Azul, all our fishing options are strictly catch and release.

  1. Bring the right type of sunscreen

After you have made your booking for your fisherman trip out at sea, you can start getting the finer details sorted. One of these includes sunscreen, as the UV rays out at sea can be incredibly harsh if you are not used to them, and the last thing you need is a nasty sunburn after this magical excursion!

  1. Choose your clothing carefully

When choosing which clothes to wear for your fishing trip, opt for layers. The early mornings and evenings can be cold, and a light jacket or sweatshirt will help to keep the chill at bay. As the day progresses, it will quickly warm up, and you will want to be in clothing that is breathable and light.

Look for moisture-wicking fabrics and clothing with in-built UV protection. You will also need a good hat that can protect your face from the sun, and some good quality sunglasses with UV protection.

If your fisherman trip is during the wet season, make sure that you pack a good quality raincoat that is properly waterproof.

  1. Research possible extra expenses

When researching your deep sea fishing trip, you will likely come across charter companies offering a flat rate for the excursion. Before making the booking, check what the final price includes, because you may be liable for extras, including the following:

  • Gutting of the fish
  • Fishing equipment rental
  • Transport from your accommodation to the fishing starting point
  • Food and drinks
  • Protective rain gear

Should you book your Deep Sea Fishing excursion through Rio Azul, we have tackle and lures available at very affordable prices. Our excursion costs also include complimentary fishing bait.<

  1. Bring lunch and refreshments

Deep sea fishing is surprisingly intense and you will burn a lot of energy. It’s also thirsty work, and you will need to hydrate yourself throughout the day.

If your deep sea fishing company doesn’t provide food and drinks, make sure that you bring enough for yourself.

Water is essential and, to ensure that it doesn’t become warm as the day progresses, keep it in an insulated flask so that you have access to cold water whenever you need it.

A protein-rich sandwich will work well for lunch, and you may also consider packing some snacks to keep you going. Energy bars, fruit, nuts, and dried fruit work well as snacks as they give you a boost when you need it the most.

  1. Sit in the back of the boat (especially if you get seasick!)

If you have never been deep sea fishing before, you will be surprised at how far out at sea the boat goes. If you know that you get seasick, make sure that you pack and take some medication so that you can enjoy your fishing trip.

Sitting at the back of the boat can help ease and prevent seasickness, so be sure to talk to your charter company about well-placed seating.

  1. Be patient, it’s a long journey

Another aspect of deep sea fishing that you may not be aware of if you’ve never done it before is the length of the boat journey. This often surprises people and is certainly something you should be aware of.

Many people choose to admire the view from the boat but you should avoid this if you get seasick. Things to do while you’re on the boat include chatting with the staff, spending quality time with friends or family that have come along, or getting your fishing gear in order.

  1. Listen carefully to your captain and deckhand

The ocean can be a very unpredictable place and it’s important to have a healthy level of respect for it. With this in mind, it’s important to listen to the boat staff, including the captain and the deckhand.

Remember that they charter deep sea fishing trips for a living, and have a good knowledge of what can go wrong if you’re not careful. They can also give you some useful fishing tips, so pay attention!

  1. Expect the unexpected

As mentioned in the previous section, the ocean is an unpredictable and sometimes wild place. When you’re far out at sea, the weather conditions can sometimes change rapidly, resulting in your plans for your deep sea fishing trip to have to change at a moment’s notice.

You should, therefore, exercise a bit of flexibility when making your booking and expect the unexpected. For instance, if the weather is particularly rough on your planned fishing day, it may be postponed to the next day.

Deep sea fishing is definitely a must-do experience. However, there are many other fishing options available in Mozambique and at the Rio Azul Lodge, like:

  • Govaro River Estuary Fishing
  • Mangrove Channels Fishing


Should you book your stay at Rio Azul, every room is supplied with a complimentary estuary fishing boat. You can either operate the boat yourself after receiving our guidance or you can hire a local skipper to operate the boat.

ur complimentary boats aren't safe for Deep Sea fishing excursions, but you can book your deep sea fishing experience directly at our front office.

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