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15 Road Trip Games For The Whole Family

Road Trips are the perfect time to spend with your family, getting away from the routine and gathering in one place while driving to different locations. Even the thought of it makes anyone feel all giddy. Now at some point, you might run out of topics for discussion, and songs may become dull, so to spice things up a bit, we have here a list of some of the top Road Trip Games that you can play with your parents, siblings, and anyone else who's joining!

1. 20 Questions

In the 20 Questions game, participants must answer a series of questions. The better they answer the questions, the more points they get.

Two teams of five players each play the game. The first team starts with a question and answers it in one turn. The second team then has to respond to all inquiries in favour (including those answered by their opponents). Whoever answers all the questions correctly wins the game. You can keep candies as a reward for this road trip game.

2. I Spy

I Spy is a childhood favourite of all of us! Everyone has played this game while growing up. It is perfect for spending time on the Road Trip, especially if you want to avoid a lot of screen time and want your kids to interact. This is an educational game, and all you need to do is spot anything in your surroundings and then repeat the phrase, "I spy" you have to give hints and let the kids guess it.

3. The Animal Name Game

Another fun Road Trip game is the Animal Name Game. In this game, one person has to say the name of an animal, and then the next person has to say another animal's name, which starts with the last letter of the previous animal.

For instance, if someone says Zebra, the next person has to say the name of the animal starting with A, which is Alligator. This game can go on for the longest time, and if your kids are a bit older, you can swap animals with food items, cities, and TV shows.

4. Name That Song

Name that song is a game where everyone takes turns singing a lyric of a song; someone has to pay to guess which song it is. Bonus points to all those people who think the singer is correct as well. You can swap songs with poems as well!

5. Scavenger Hunt

This Road trip game requires a little bit of planning in advance. Before the road trip, you will have to list down all the items you may see during your road trips, such as bikes, motels, billboards, fields, flowers, and cows. Now give your kids a list and tell them to stay on the lookout; whoever finds most of the things, animals, and places on the checklist wins a reward. This will keep the kids motivated!

Also, check out the amazing family vacation tips to enjoy a soothing holiday!

6. Would You Rather?

Here's another fun game for both kids and adults! You will have to choose one person in the car and then think of a fun question for them. You can find a list of some of the quirkiest, funniest, and craziest questions online. These questions can be directed toward anyone in the car, but be prepared with a list.

7. Road Trip Riffing

Another road trip game that keeps things very interesting in the car is Road Trip Riffing. The game begins with the first player who starts singing a few lines of the song, then the other player jumps in and adds songs from another song, and this goes on until it becomes a completely different song.

For instance," You light up my world like nobody else...does it ever drive you crazy just how fast the night changes…you are my sunshine, my only sunshine."

8. Triple Threat

The quirkiest game on the list is Triple Threat, and it gets silly really quick! Here, the adults have to choose three nouns, such as "rabbit," "glass," and "rain." Now your kids have to create a story using these nouns, and your kids can make funny stories out of it and then let them take charge.

9. Sing Along Challenge

The Sing Along Challenge brings a little rhythm to the car where everyone can join in on a fun singing fest. To play the game, one person begins singing a popular song, and all passengers must pay attention to the song's last word. The next person needs to sing a line that begins with the same word. See how long the game goes on until someone gets stuck!

10. Hypotheticals

Hypotheticals is a game where everyone in the car responds to a series of questions, but these are all hypothetical. You can come up with the most absurd situations, and anyone who answers with the most creativity gets a fun reward.

11. Hangman

In the game Hangman, you must guess the correct letter from a set of letters. This is usually a puzzle centred around collecting as many points as we can. One player has to come up with a word and give hints of two missing letters, while the other takes turns to guess. But on each wrong turn, the player who thought of the word draws a hangman.

12. Drawing Games

This is a fun activity, but it requires you to keep papers, pencils, crayons, and markers in advance. You can bring out the papers and tell your kids to draw something; this can be a fun activity and can allow your kids to stay engaged throughout the trip.

13. Two truths and one lie

This game is for all age groups, so if your kids are teenagers or even little ones, you can play the game  “Two truths and one lie.” One person thinks of two truths and a lie, and the other must guess what's wrong and right. The one who makes the lies and the truths believable wins the game.

14. Never Have I Ever

Another fun adult game is the “Never Have I ever” game; you can bring in drinks or candies to make it fun. A player starts by saying Never Have I ever done this, and whoever has, takes a sip or eats the candy while the people who haven't sit idle. This can be played throughout the ride.

15. Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time is a story-based game in which you can begin by looking at the player and making something up. It can either be a fictional story or a fun story. Get in-depth and make it fun for everyone in the car. This can be a super fun activity for the little ones or even elders in the car.


Wrap Up

When we said we have your back, we meant it because our list of all these Road Trip Games isn't age centred. Both adults and little ones can play with them. These games will keep you entertained and engaged on your road trip. So, drive wherever you wish to and use this list of road trip games to have fun with your loved ones.

So, why not enjoy these games while travelling to Mozambique, the heaven on earth?

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