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Why Beach Holidays Are The Best

A study demonstrated that people who spend more time near vast bodies of water report having less "psychological distress" and are more relaxed.

A refreshing beach holiday could be just what you need for a healthier and happier day off from a hectic routine if you've spent months in front of a computer screen, hooked up to your phone, and surrounded by the bustle of city life!

Undoubtedly, the sea is the best stress reliever. Even a study demonstrated that people who spend more time near vast bodies of water report having less "psychological distress" and are consequently more relaxed.


In this write-up, we’ve compiled some of the exciting reasons why a beach can be an ideal destination for you.


Uplifting Fresh Sea Air 

The uplifting fresh ocean breeze helps to clear the mind and revive the spirit. Sea air is good for our health because it contains microscopic droplets of seawater that have been enhanced with salt, iodine, magnesium, and trace elements. These trace elements are dispersed into the air by wind and waves. 

They speed up our ability to absorb oxygen and are referred to as surf-generated aerosols. You feel more alert, at ease, and rejuvenated after a vacation because negative ions can regulate serotonin levels, a biological chemical connected to mood and stress!


Boosts Your Vitamin D Intake

The stressful lives we lead at home frequently cause our bodies' chemical balances to change. Health problems can result from a lack of sunlight, particularly in countries with colder temperatures. On a beach holiday, just 15 minutes of sun exposure can boost our bodies' production of vitamin D and reduce stress.

However, too much exposure to the sun can result in sunburn, sunstroke, and even skin cancer, so remember to use heat protection and take some time to unwind in the shade.


Best Way to De-Stress

The easiest way to unwind when your job makes you anxious and stressed out is to get away and relax for some days. The beach is the furthest thing from work for individuals who live in cities. There are no reminders of your meetings or deadlines. So, you may find the much-needed mental space to enjoy your vacation on a beach holiday.


Maintains Your Fitness

A healthy beach holiday promotes physical fitness with activities we frequently don't even classify as "exercise" since we like them so much. Whether snorkelling or just lazily paddling around on an action-packed water sports vacation, your body will benefit from swimming in the sea. It is a fun cardio exercise that engages our primary muscle groups and enhances the strength of our back muscles. 

Additionally, beach sand offers a different surface that alters how muscles work. On the beach, your muscles have to work harder to move because they have to put a force against the sand weight. That is a fun vacation routine exercise in itself. 


Improves Your Mood

Who doesn't find the rhythmic crashing of the waves on a beach holiday to be the ideal melody for going to sleep? Taking a seaside vacation has numerous advantages for your health. 

A beach holiday can be healthy for both your body and mind. You may engage in many activities to make the most of your surroundings, such as swimming or jogging in the water. 

If not, you can sit back, relax at the seashore, and get a good night's sleep at a comfortable beach resort. The sea waves not only take all your worries away but leave you with a sense of contentment. Additionally, sunshine can significantly alter your mood, so a vacation at the beach is nature's best happiness booster.


Sense of Contentment

There's a reason why Victorian physicians swore that a beach holiday could cure any ailment. The University of Exeter in the UK looked into the impacts of residing near the ocean and discovered that those who do so report better health and well-being.

Although you don't have to leave your home and move to the beach, a quick vacation can have the same positive effects. According to studies, this sense of contentment is related to exercising more near the seaside.

Take advantage of this free health boost by jogging along the beach in the early morning. Although running on sand demands 1.6 times more effort than on a firmer surface, the reward for your endeavour is the breathtaking sight of the ocean at sunrise.


Why Visit Mozambique Africa?

One compelling reason to travel to Mozambique, Africa, is the beauty and allure of the coastline along the stunning Indian Ocean. With its wild beauty and unique influences, Mozambique is rapidly making a name in the world tourism market. 

World-class coral reefs are located over a 1,500-mile stretch of rocky, creamy coastline and are ideal for swimming, snorkelling, and sunset sailing. The capital of Mozambique, Maputo, is immersed in authentic African culture. The stretch of luxurious private islands and beach resorts where white-hot sands appear to melt into the clear Indian Ocean is worth experiencing.

Mozambique is quickly becoming the go-to destination for traditional tropical island vacations since it is more affordable than Seychelles and less commercialised than Mauritius. It is the ideal place to take off your shoes, remove your watch, and settle into the relaxed pace of island life. Just plan a road trip to Mozambique to enjoy the most soothing journey of your life. 


Rio Azul Lodge in Mozambique

Suppose you're looking for something more than just the mainland beaches and are planning to explore further to get away from the busy city life; head offshore. Private helicopters and planes fly visitors over beautiful landscapes to the plethora of private islands that differentiate the Indian Ocean from the rest of the world. 

The beaches of the southern Bazaruto and northern Quirimbas archipelagos pour into progressively darker shades of emerald. They are beautiful spots of milky swirls. The beach resorts, with their state-of-art interior and boutique living experience, offer spectacular views of the outdoors. 

If you're a stargazer, then Mozambique, with its dark skies free of city pollution, provides a view of the starry constellations that are unlike any in the world. 

Reach out to us to make your stay at Rio Azul more exhilarating and exciting in the most cost-effective way!

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