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Your Mozambique Vacation Guide For 2022 | All Questions Answered

Interested in a vacation in Mozambique? Did you know that Mozambique boasts amazing weather year-round and is geographically very close to all major South African cities? 

If you are interested in a holiday with a difference and a luxury one that won’t break the bank, read further for your ultimate vacation to Mozambique.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vacationing to Mozambique


1. Before booking your Mozambique vacation, ensure your vaccinations are up-to-date


Vaccinations are an important requirement for many international countries. Mozambique is no different. 


The World Health Organisation recommends the following vaccines for Mozambique: 

  • Covid-19

  • Hepatitis A

  • Hepatitis B

  • Typhoid

  • Cholera

  • Yellow Fever

  • Rabies

  • Tetanus


2. Do I need a passport to visit Mozambique?


Regardless of which country you’re arriving from, you will need a passport to visit Mozambique. 


When arriving by road, you will need to show your passport at the border. If you opt to fly into a Mozambique airport, the immigration officials will want to see your passport to allow you into the country. 


3. Do I need a Visa to visit Mozambique? 


Whether or not you need a visa for Mozambique depends on your passport. 


South African and UK passport holders do not need a visa to enter Mozambique. American and EU passport holders, however, may pay for a visa upon arrival in Mozambique. 


4. Mozambique travel requirements


Currently, Mozambique requires proof of a negative PCR test to enter the country (but children aged 11 or younger are exempt). This advice is likely to change so check back for more details. 


You should also ensure that your vaccinations are up-to-date (see list above). 


5. Is Mozambique a Malaria risk area? 


Mozambique is a year-round Malaria country, especially if you venture out of Maputo. 


Speak to your doctor about prophylactic anti-Malaria medication and consider packing an insect repellent and long-sleeved shirts and trousers to reduce your risk. 


If you stay at Rio Azul, our resort accommodation is equipped with high quality mosquito nets over the beds, to reduce your risk of bites and subsequent malaria. However, any further preventative action by you is always welcomed.


6. What Rio Azul can offer you?


Rio Azul can offer you a luxurious, unforgettable, and once-in-a-lifetime vacation in Mozambique. Our prices are very affordable and we pride ourselves on our range of packages to suit all needs. 


With our focus on the best possible guest experience, all your holiday needs will be catered for, and you can relax and simply enjoy everything that our resort’s exquisite blue waters, sandy beaches and tropical climate can offer. 


Mozambique is famous for its delicious seafood, and our chefs prepare it in the traditional Mozambican way. 


We also encourage guests to enjoy the exquisite Mozambican sunsets over the ocean, and many of our past guests have commented that there’s nothing better than a Rio Azul sunset cocktail while being amazed at the view. 


Our packages

Here at Rio Azul, we offer a wide range of packages to suit your needs. Whether you would like to spend your honeymoon with us or you’re looking for a week away in a tropical paradise, or even a relaxing family vacation, we have a package to suit your needs. Simply click here to find out more: 


What our packages include

At Rio Azul, our packages include luxurious accommodation in our tranquil and paradisiacal surroundings. It also includes full board, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. 


7. What should you prepare before a Mozambican Vacation?


Before leaving for your Mozambique vacation with us at Rio Azul, make sure that your passport has at least 6 months validity left on it and you have 2 blank pages. 

Remember to pack your swimsuit, a hat and other clothing you enjoy lounging around in. 


8. How to travel to Mozambique from South Africa?


If travelling to Mozambique from South Africa, you have 2 options: flying or driving. 


Most people living in Gauteng or Mpumalanga opt to drive as Mozambique is only a few hours away from eastern South Africa. 


Alternatively, you could take a short flight to Maputo from Johannesburg, or fly in from Durban or Cape Town. There are multiple flights per day so flight availability is not an issue. 


9. Before leaving for your Mozambique vacation


Before leaving for your Mozambique vacation, let Rio Azul know if you have any specific requirements, such as food allergies, need disability access, or have other food preferences. 


Our aim is to make your stay as incredible as possible and we will do our utmost to go above and beyond your requests. 


10. Tips on what to pack for your vacation in Mozambique


If you stay at Rio Azul, all your home comforts will be taken care of. This means that you don’t have to pack items such as towels, or pillows.


We recommend packing swimwear and a hat so that you can fully take advantage of our spectacular beaches and ocean swimming. 


11. What is the weather like in Mozambique?


Mozambique is known for its warm tropical climate, so be sure to pack sunscreen. You can expect warm and humid weather but your accommodation at Rio Azul will be air conditioned according to your desired temperature. 


With its warm and enviable climate, Mozambique is an incredibly attractive destination for those living in the northern hemisphere or in an area where winters can be harsh. A luxury vacation at Rio Azul is always a fantastic treat for those in the middle of a cold winter. 


12. Interesting things about Mozambique


There are many interesting things about Mozambique and it’s a highly exciting holiday destination for those who love travelling. 


Portuguese is widely spoken in Mozambique but you can certainly get by if you speak English. 


The country is famous for its exquisite beaches that offer privacy and tranquillity for guests. 


Mozambique also has arguably the best seafood in the world. When staying at Rio Azul, you’ll experience the very best of Mozambican cuisine so be sure to take full advantage! 


Mozambique is home to the beautiful Makonde arts and crafts, and you’ll be tempted to buy at least a few stunning pieces to take home with you.

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